London Postal Districts

September 20, 2012


4 Responses to “London Postal Districts”

  1. Steve Wilde Says:

    Love it. Can you tell us more about this? They are layered postal areas I guess? All of them? All the same scale? What was the source map? Size of the finished piece?

    That’s enough questions for now : )

    • emma johnson Says:

      Thanks Steve – I’m sorry I posted this in my usual haste and neglected to provide any useful information : )

      The original source map was a Geographer’s A to Z Of London Postal Districts: an extremely garish sheet map (presumably from the 1980s, although I could find no date) which I cut into six equally sized square sections, dissected with a scalpel, and then layered on top of each other. The finished piece is 12 inches square (perfect album cover proportions : )

  2. Do Brazil.
    Gostei muito. Os mapas nos orientam e nos confundem.

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