London & Paris Diamonds

November 10, 2019

London Diamonds (West)


London Diamonds (East)


Paris Diamonds I


Paris Diamonds II



4 x Panels: 60cm x 60cm

London Eye

August 21, 2019

London Eye Triptych

Layered, Hand Cut Ordnance Survey maps. Each piece measures 63cm diameter.


New York Vessel Triptych (Homage to Heatherwick)




Houston Renewables

November 28, 2018

Houston Renewables



Layered, hand cut paper maps

178.5cm x 82cm

A few books

December 17, 2015

(Emma Johnson) Dissected Atlases

(Emma Johnson) Principles of First Aid in War multiview

(Emma Johnson) X - You Are Here - Books

X in progress

February 5, 2014

Everyman (Kew)2

Bartholomew (Ealing, Kew & Richmond)2

Bartholomew (Hammersmith & Putney)2

Bartholomew (Highgate & Wood Green)2

Bartholomew (South London)2

Everyman (Hampstead)2

Everyman (Kensington)2

Bartholomew (Hackney & Stratford)2

Bartholomew (North London)2

Bartholomew (Poplar & Greenwich)2

Bartholomew (The City)2

Bartholomew (Walthamstow)2

Bartholomew (Wimbledon)2

Bartholomew (Woolwich)2

Everyman (Greenwich)2

Everyman (Regent's Park)2

Everyman (Richmond)2

Everyman (Southwark)2

Everyman (The City)2

Everyman (Westminster & Lambeth)2

Everyman (Whitechapel)2

X (You Are Here)

February 1, 2014


You Are Here (Bartholomew)

Series in progress

P1010052s P1010051s P1010050s P1010049s P1010048s P1010047sP1010053s

You Are Here (Everyman)


P1010046s P1010045s P1010044s P1010043s P1010042s P1010041s P1010040s

TAR at The Black Diamond Gallery, Port Adelaide (curated by Tony Kearney) has been nominated for the BANKSA AWARD – BEST VISUAL ART & DESIGN at this year’s Adelaide Fringe.