October 6, 2009

Points of Reference, 4th April - 4th May 2009

Landguard Fort, Felixstowe

4th April – 4th May 2009

This exhibition looks at the creative aspects of recycling, deconstructing and re-building found reference materials (books, maps, etc) into artworks.

Emma uses objects, images, and text to explore recurring themes such as the fragmented nature of memory, time and history. Found objects are reconstructed into artworks which often have a defined structural or ‘architectural’ form relating to the space they inhabit, but also standing as a tangible and symbolic presence of the information contained within (books, maps, letters, etc).

The exhibition brings together a series of installations and sculptures dealing with issues of deconstruction and transformation and the ambiguity of communication, and will also include an ongoing series of work dealing with maps, their imagery and concepts. A series of maps and atlases have been painstakingly ‘dissected’ by the artist, revealing a radically altered visual and physical structure.


Between the Lines*


Against the Grain

Against the Grain

A floor-based installation made out of large quantities of folded paperback books. Deals with issues of deconstruction and transformation, the recycling of materials, and the ambiguity of text – as well as the obsessive repetitive actions used in the making of the work.


Dislocation: Landguard, 2009

Images from the residency at Landguard Fort, April 2009.

Dislocation 1

Dislocation 2

Dislocation 3

Dislocation 4

Dislocation 5

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