October 6, 2009

Dislocation: British Isles

Dislocation Series: British Isles, 2009

Dissected road atlases.

Deconstructed to give a distorted picture, misleading information, heighten confusion, and give a false sense of security.

“The book feels to me like the recording of many overlapping  journeys, blending into one. It brings me to a depth of thought that I love, and I enjoy those relationships between labor and materials, and in this case how that time feels (to me) like such a part of real and metaphorical travels (implied by the use of maps), in the thoughts that occur as the work takes place. The removal of places, leaving only threads behind, suggests a desire to forget, a loss of memory, or selectively remembering by keeping what’s wanted intact”

(Laura Mayotte)


  1. Most excellent! A well-chosen theme, too. Looks very good.

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